Glorying Faith Bible Institute International

About us

Glorying Faith Bible Institute International has been in existence since 2011, The institute started in Port Harcourt being our base when it started.


We are committed to equipping the ministers of God and building the church.


It was born out of what I will call ''Divine Passion'' for the faith our Lord Jesus Christ. In the book of Jude 1, the writer in a form of what I regard to as command said ''contend earnestly for the faith''.  The begining of deviation from and disappearance of the faith is philosophy -what people teach. The increase in knowledge will affect trend and forms of living to point that ''the love of many shall wax cold'' [John 16;2]. The doctrinal delusion will be so effective that religion will be the order of the day [Luke 18;8].


Faith comes by hearing and faith goes or dies by hearing. Thlerefore as a training and equipping commission, we, GFBII through sound and unadultrated word prepares the ministers the faith that overcomes.



                                   OUR MISSION


1. Primarily is to equip you with God [His word, Grace, Power and His Spirit]

2. To harvest the world for the Lord

3. To raise and nurture the church for the coming of the Lord.


There should be no reason and any reasonable factor competent enough to be against the success of the Lord’s mandate. You are free to attend our educations and be part of the Lord's end-time preparations and move to redeem and raise the world for Christ! He has paid for it all, and the best we can do should be to the Lord’s advantage -reaping the whole earth sphere Revelation 14:15-19. The harvest truly and indeed is very great and more labourers are urgently needed.

Raising more effectual labourers for the Lord's vineyard.



                                    Our vision


(1)  Our vision is to see that the mandate of Faith prevails!

(2)  Our vision as an institute of the lord is to equip you with God and the resources he has made available for his work, which we believe you and your ministry needs, (hence the Lord of the harvest has sent to us to deliver it all to you) so that the ministry is not blamed, and we can build the kind of church the Lord Jesus,the lamb of God is coming to take.