Admission requirements


admission requirement-


To be suitable for admission into GFBII students must meet the following requirements to enable effective studies. All requirements are mandatory. 


A. Core Requirement

         1. You must be willing and ready to serve the Lord Jesus Christ faithfully and profitably    because Glorying faith Bible Institute International trains students to edify the church through the provision of Christ Jesus 


B. other requirements

       2. Accurately and completely fill all the information requested for in the form (this application    booklet) 

       3. Three recent coloured passport photograph. 

       4. A copy of testament of faith in Christ Jesus [note: you will be required to confess your testament of faith]. You will also render to the school statement about conversion 

       5. Baptismal certificate (if available) 

       6. A letter from your pastor/church leader [if you are being sent by your church authority]. 

       7. A brief of our ministerial curriculum vitae 

       8. Any photocopy of your nationality 

       9. strong’s Inexhaustible Bible Concordance 

       10. The Bible (complete testament -old and New). the versions are NKJV, NCV, NIV or AMPLIFIED version 

       11. Available certificate from your other schools attended if have you self.